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Each of Tecmicra Solution Google Ads PPC Expert is google certified and hence can produce the best output for your business. Call us now to promote and expand your business.

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    What We Do ?


    Daily review of your google adwords ppc traffic, keywords & bids.


    Regular communication for long term optimisation & fortnightly review.


    Daily tracking of conversions.


    Optimum budgeting in line with ROI targets.


    Regular Keyword updation and optimasation for better results


    Ensure better saving by regulary optimisng and improving campaigns

    Google Certified Experts

    Get your google adwords ppc campaign built from Google Adwords Experts for better results and ROI. Each of the Tecmicra Solution expert is google certified and with a lot of experience can surely give a boom to your business. Just get in touch with our google ads experts to get your first campaign built.

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